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Artemis Skye McNeil AP (Alternative Practitioner) is a graduate of Holistic and Plant Based Nutrition and Wellness Counseling from Cornell University and Board Certified by the AADP. But her love of holistic wellness stems back to the early 80’s where her thirst for knowledge in true nutrition, fitness, and wellness was ignited. She still cherishes her mom’s holistic library that Artemis used to read as a child and had a life changing pivotal event after reading John Robbins’ Diet for a New Revolution. Since then, Artemis has built a strong library of research and educational material. She is educated in many holistic disciplines and is passionate in sharing her knowledge with others who are seeking to empower themselves and their quality of life.

The Happiness Habit focuses on gut/microbiome balance and healing along with wellness counseling for a true unique approach to addressing the whole unique person-you.

She has been on various public speaking forums on issues dealing with gut health, nutrition, fitness, mental health awareness, living well in the time of COVID, bullying, and creative writing for self-care.

Artemis Skye McNeil is a: Board certified holistic practitioner and wellness counselor. She is also a certified Aromatherapist by The International Dermal Institute (with continued education), Certified Life Coach by IAP Association of Professionals Career College, Certified Fitness Instructor, Speaker, and best-selling Author. She is committed to continuing her education and staying up to date with the latest holistic finds as well as observing science catching up on some tried and true ancient practices.

Her passion is to educate and empower for more vibrant quality of life. She believes everyone can and should be the master of their own health and wellness.

“Everything we do is in search of a feeling.” -Artemis

Would you agree?
How would you like to feel?
What’s stopping you?

Let’s take back ownership of our health!
Let’s believe, design, and achieve
the feeling we were meant to enjoy!

The Happiness Habit is a functional, cognitive, holistic approach for a more balance and healthier lifestyle, whether it’s health, weight, stress, relationships, emotional and or mental balance. This is achieved through small daily practical empowering decisions for the most vibrant versions of ourselves we can be. This is a formidable discipline to getting well and maintaining a higher quality of life.

Health and Wellness is a choice! Let’s take out the words s-i-c-k and c-a-n-t. Let’s emphasize and embrace OWNERSHIP, EMPOWERMENT AND VITALITY.

“Hope is a rebellion!” -Artemis

We are amazingly resilient creatures with miraculous bodies that are meant to thrive! So, let’s start from believing that we can and take it from there! And remember it’s about progress not perfection. Armed with that mindset, a personalized, achievable Happiness Habit protocol is designed and set in motion.

The Seven Pillars of The Happiness Habit:

  1. Gut Health/Nutrition
  2. Sleep/Hormones
  3. Energy/Fitness/Body Care
  4. Spirituality/Stress Control/Emotional Self-Care
  5. Home Detoxification and Care
  6. Community
  7. Happiness Habit Tweaks Ongoing Education/Maintenance/Progress

The Happiness Habit will help you learn to make (and implement) decisions that your future self will be empowered by and thank you for.

“The Happiness Habit has provided me with information and educated me through the process…I was checked up on regularly and continuously encouraged that I could succeed [with my health goals]. Artemis was there for assistance and instruction. She truly loves people and helps them help themselves to heal their bodies.”-KD Atlanta

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