The Happiness Habit Offers Services that are as unique as you are.

The Happiness Habit

Make decisions today your future self will be empowered by.

“I coach others they way I

wanted to be coached.”

I didn’t become a holistic practitioner, fitness instructor, and wellness coach because my health and fitness were perfect. Far from it. But armed with the mindset, “Use your strengths to offset your weaknesses,” I educated my way through pain, inflammation, and inconclusive tests by communities I had put my trust in to help me feel better, only to be disappointed time and time again. I realized, that I was the owner of my health. I built a practice around my education, my experience, and my passion to help others come to the same conclusion and that I would help them achieve that. I want to be there for others. I want to help educate them, empower them. Prove to them that there is hope, and to cheer them on.

The Happiness Habit is a Lifestyle of positive thinking and good protocol follow through with support to help you get there.

“Make decisions today that your future self will be empowered by!”

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One on One Consultations and follow up visits.

The Happiness Habit Consultation and visits always includes one 15-30 minute follow up visit to see how you are doing, to help tweak protocols, to explain products, and to answer any questions you may have forgotten to ask, or remembered to ask after the initial consultation.

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Nutrition and Quality of Life Coaching Packages

Everyone needs a support team, a cheerleader, as well as someone to help redirect when you’re starting to go off course. With The Happiness Habit 7 Pillars of empowerment coaching packages, you will not feel alone while making fundamental health changes. Reach out to Artemis to find out which coaching package best suits your needs:

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Continued Empowering Education to stay the course.

You will always be one click away to maintain your Happiness Habits and continue to thrive with continued education, tips, recipes, and wellness workshops.

“Through The Happiness Habits I was learning, Artemis knew when to hold my hand, when to nudge a little, and when to give me space to let me grow into the new me. The sense of empowerment I have over my health is like nothing I have ever felt before. This wasn’t just nutritional counseling, this was life transforming.”

R.S. Hollywood, FL

Make the decision today that your future self will be empowered by.